Birth story

A quick catch up post while lil munchkin is sleeping 😀

As planned, I checked-in myself to the hospital on 27th Nov 2015 for cervical cerclage removal and labour induction (40weeks). I somewhat knew what I’ll be going through in the next few hours but how surreal can it be, I couldn’t imagine. Cerclage removal was done in the ward with me clenching hard hubby’s hand for a good 15 minutes then was told I was 2cm dilated. After that I was induced (11.30am) tik tok tik tok 2 hours later contraction pain started to kick in and I was restless touring the whole ward I think I got each wall covered when I leaned against it while contraction at its peak. Come 3pm I was in so much pain I asked to be wheeled to the labour room. While the labour team busy prepping I beg for the laughing gas haha! I almost gave up that I wanted epidural but I was already 5cm dilated so I just have to bear with the pain. In no time (less than half-hour), I was 8cm dilated and the Doc was rushed in. I remember the nurses was like screaming calling the doctor! Few pushes and a baby girl was born @4.44 pm. Well I can’t describe further how the pain was but Alhamdulillah I was given the strength to experience the pain that I longed for for 9 years.

She was born 3.2kg and we name her Tia Zahra Tihany. Fast forward and I can’t believe that she’s already 6 weeks now! This year of course the focus is on her until we’re ready to make her a big sis 😀

I’ll hop to this site occasionally to post but for more update or lil munchkin photos checkout my insta @fliyrnn or #tiazahratihany

Last but not least, have a happy and blessed 2016 everyone!



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