Birth story

A quick catch up post while lil munchkin is sleeping ūüėÄ

As planned, I checked-in myself to the hospital on 27th Nov 2015 for cervical cerclage removal and labour induction (40weeks). I somewhat knew what I’ll be going through in the next few hours but how surreal can it be, I couldn’t imagine. Cerclage removal was done in the ward with me clenching¬†hard hubby’s hand for a good 15 minutes then was told¬†I was 2cm dilated. After that I was induced (11.30am) tik tok tik tok 2 hours later contraction pain started to kick in and I was restless touring the whole ward I think I got each wall covered when I leaned against it while contraction at its peak. Come 3pm I was in so much pain I asked to be wheeled to the labour room. While the labour team busy prepping I beg for the laughing gas haha! I almost gave up that I wanted epidural but I was already 5cm dilated so I just have to bear with the pain. In no time (less than half-hour), I was 8cm dilated and the Doc was rushed in. I remember the nurses was like screaming calling the doctor! Few pushes and a baby girl was born @4.44 pm. Well I can’t describe further how the pain was but Alhamdulillah I was given the strength to experience the pain that I longed for for 9 years.

She was born 3.2kg and we name her Tia Zahra Tihany. Fast forward and I can’t believe that she’s already 6 weeks now! This year of course the focus is on her until we’re ready to make her a big sis ūüėÄ

I’ll hop to this site occasionally to post but for more update or lil munchkin photos checkout my insta @fliyrnn or #tiazahratihany

Last but not least, have a happy and blessed 2016 everyone!



The last checkup 

Yesterday checkup was ok except that baby is still not enganged..She’s head down but currently slightly oblique..there you go active lilttle the Dr is willing to give me last chance for baby to engange before 40wks..If I do not have labor pain anytime within this two weeks then I have to get myself checked in on 27th Nov for cerclage removal and induction of labor. If she’s still oblique then C-sec is the way to go ūüė¶

So here I am nesting at home and gonna focus myself on exercises for optimal fetal positioning everrry dayy..lazy mom haha! 

It’s 38th week!

Yeah I was silent for the past 5 months¬†but all is well and thank God I made it this far. Here’s some quick update before I am being wheeled into the labour room any day any time!

As you know I got my cervical cerclage placed since 14th week and so far it does its job well – no bleeding, cramping and I get to work as usual and freedom of normal daily activities..Alhamdulillah. Baby has been in a head down position too since 28th week so I’m gonna try on a vaginal¬†birth route. So far I don’t feel any contraction or even Braxton Hicks. During the 36th week checkup, CTG and doppler was ok but the Dr was a little bit concern on the placenta which has started showing some signs of aging ~10% (screen image – you see white spots on the placenta). It’s normal for placenta to start aging in the final few weeks but he’s just being on¬†a cautious side. Well to minimise the risk, he said I could be induced during the 38th week and that’s this week woohoo!! Anyhow, this evening he will reassess everything again whether this rainbow baby should be born this week or we could wait a little longer. And to add more pressure, my cerclage is still not removed yet¬†till now..imagine if I suddenly want to go into labour..So later today my fate will be decided – cerclage removal + induce or just cerclage removal..even with the latter only I’m very nervous about..mind you, no pain relief whatsoever and to be done in the Dr’s room only..I read some unpleasant stories about the procedure¬†too urrgghh brrrr….

Hope everything goes well until safe delivery of this little rainbow. May Allah ease all our pain..

Ok got to get ready for the most nerve wrecking checkup now!

Post Cerclage

31st May – Gestation 14 weeks. 3pm I was given spinal anaesthetic and they did the cerclage with me alive! ūüėĖ Not painful during the procedure but I could hear and feel some pressure down there. Gives me a sense of C-section setting. I had McDonald cerclage and spent 30 minutes in OT. 

With foley catheter attached, I am stucked on my bed and even less than 24hr of bed rest has drive me nuts. The low back pain from the spinal drug also make it worse. I can’t imagine if I were asked to bed rest until delivery. I hope I don’t have to. For now I will take things easy no heavy lifting less walking and standing and see how my cervix progress in every check up. 

1st June – Doc updated me, before the cerclage, my cervix already open and I have lots of fungal infection down there up to the cervix. Yikes! Urggh I hate this yeast infection always attacking me..I had symptomless infection no itch no heavy discharge lately but little that I know deep inside the yeast makes itself comfortable at home! Doc put the stitch as high as possible and I had quite a bleeding too from the procedure caused by the inflammed cervix too. Apart from the infection, luckily i got this cerclage placed in time before my membrane bulging. Things can happen so fast with incompetent cervix. 

Slowly i feel better as the back pain slowly gone. I also had a Canesten pessary inserted at night to treat the infection. I sleep much better the 2nd night. 

2nd June – Today i should be able to be discharged. Feel a lot better but I am on all guards to watch for any signs of pre-term labor. I hope and pray this time I can carry my baby till full term. 

Cervical Cerclage 

Quick update:

28th May – Went for routine scan @ 13w3d and cervix measured only 2cm (normal length should be 3cm up to 24wks). Doctor ordered for cerclage asap.

31st May – Here I am today just checked-in at the ward. Waiting for the procedure probably later in the afternoon as I suppose to fast for 6 hours but I just had nasi lemak at 8am! 

Will update more after the procedure.. X

FET #1

AF came on 24th Feb..this is it..I went through a natural FET cycle and scheduled scans to monitor my follicles went well..I ovulated on D15 and 3 days later had the FET procedure. This time, we agreed to transfer a single embryo only. I forgot to mention, when I first revisit the Dr this year, I also have¬†started weekly acupuncture which they gave me some herbs medicine too, so called to balance my Qi..but it tasted yucks! Nevertheless I survived those herbs phase which I told them I wish to discontinue it and just continue with acupuncture. So apart from acupuncture pre and post transfer, I drove¬†myself to the acupuncture center¬†daily for 5 days after the transfer (it’s the center’s procedure). Wish I could use my leave hibernating at home post transfer but this time I just want to try to give my best..anything that could enhance my much pressure and hope to make this work you see..

Going through 2ww this round was not so much¬†difference from last year in terms of me googling stuffs about 2ww! Luckily I only took a week off so that left me with less time to flood my mind with 2ww symptoms and stuffs. I imagined the worst like getting my period before the day to take UPT but thanked God the day finally came to test with my panties¬†clear. I woke up from a bad dream in the wee hours and impatiently pee on the stick. I was like ok whatever, let’s do this! I stared at the stick like a football fan cheering for the ball to go towards the goal post..and it was positively positive! Now that was worth it waking up from a really bad dream (I couldn’t remember what was the dream about). I took a breathe of relief and text my hubby who was outstation and still soundly asleep I guess. The next day I went to the clinic to take a blood draw for bHCG. It took the lab quite a while¬†until I had to follow up before the clinic closed. The beta result was 304 and another breathe¬†of relief! know at the back of my mind I have few benchmark milestones that I have to pass through..with my very first pregnancy loss @15 weeks, second loss @19 weeks and now given another chance..I don’t know how far along I’ll be able to go..I was so¬†scared..but first and foremost I have to pass the¬†heartbeat test¬†during the first scan @7 weeks. During the scan, goodness gracious! I saw and heard a tiny heart beating perfectly. Another milestone passed.

Today, the little life inside me is already 8w2d along..Alhamdulillah thank you God for this gift again and again and I pray that I will have a smooth and safe pregnancy. Dr N referred me to Prof Z in HUKM due to my history to assess if I really need to have a cervical cerclage later. So there we go waiting patiently for our next goal post Рto see Prof Z next month. Till then, x.


War against infection

Here I am resurface again! It’s been almost half-year since my last post and admittedly I was quite busy end of last year after starting a new job but that did not stop me from planning for a second chance. This post is all about back-dated events of my TTC journey this year.

After an unexpected twist of fate last year (I have teary eyes by now..), I still have 2 frozen embryos and so I went to the clinic with guts¬†but this time I decided to see Dr N. I thought a change could make me feel better and indeed I did feel more engaged with Dr N. After perusing my history, Dr N has divided views on my diagnosis when she noticed a report stating¬†I was positive with GBS (Group B Strep infection) before I had early labor @ 19 weeks gestation last year. It could be that I really had incompetent cervix or it could be an infection that caused the early labor.¬†So her first step was to check me for infection with urine test and vaginal swab. Few days later, the results came back and not encouraging..I had some¬†candida¬†infection (well I expected this one cos some days are dry some days are wet) and the GBS test was negative in the vaginal swab. However, GBS was detected in my urine and that means I’m heavily colonized! Yikes! Though I can’t physically see GBS¬†unlike the discharge, the thought of something (I mean bad bacteria) colonizing my UTI is urggh scary..But she assured me it is very normal because some woman are just born as GBS carrier but it could only present as problem especially during labor as it may harm the baby but not the mother. The only treatment is taking antibiotic and probiotic to encourage growth of good bacteria.

With that, I¬†was treated with a course of antibiotic and BioLife Proutix daily which is safe to be taken throughout pregnancy. The waiting continues for lady in red to come before we proceed with FET #1. Check out for more update in my next post ūüôā